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Fire Alarm Cable and Wire supplier NY, NJ, PA, DE and CT

Fire Alarm Cable 

Ace Wire supplies fire alarm cables for use with power-limited fire alarm systems, fire monitoring/detection, smoke detectors, signaling, security systems, audio circuits, control circuits and fire protective circuits.

Available: Plenum-Rated, Solid*, Nonshielded, LSPVC Insulation, Red LSPVC Jacket 75ºC 300 V 

Call us for specific wire and cable sizes, wire types, jacket materials, insulation materials, colors, maximum Amps for stranded and solid, spool length, brands, pricing, etc.

For questions about or to purchase Fire Alarm Cable in New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania

Toll free : (800) 624-1930
Tel : (732) 855-1555 
Fax : (732) 855-0136

For questions about or to purchase Fire Alarm Cable in New Jersey

Toll : (800) 225-2354
Tel : (718) 458-9200 
Fax : (718) 335-6340

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All Featured Wire and Cable Products

· Riser Unshielded
· Riser Shielded
· Plenum Unshielded
· Plenum Shielded
·  Stranded
·  New York City Local Law 39 (formerly known as Local Law 5)
· 150’c Unshielded
·  150’c Shielded
·  200’c Unshielded
· 200’c Shielded
·  Armored
·  Shielded
·  Unshielded
·  Shielded
·  Unshielded  

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Founded in 1952, Ace Wire & Cable Co., Inc. is owned and operated by three generations of the Firestone family. Ace is committed to servicing the needs of contractors, installers, system integrators, OEMs and end users by providing quality products, competitive prices and excellent service. With this mission in mind, Ace has become one of the Northeast's foremost... Read More  

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