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Class E System Wire for NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, Deleware & Connecticut

Wire for Class E System

Class E System Wire Specs from the NYC Local Law 5

"(2) Multi-conductor cable used for signaling communication shall be No. 22 A.W.G. minimum.
Voice communication pairs shall be No. 22 A.W.G. minimum, twisted and shielded pairs.
Multi-conductor cable shall be provided with a minimum of 10 per cent spare pairs. Insulation of
conductors shall be teflon or its equivalent with a minimum of 15 mils minimum insulation and shall
be of a type that will not support flame, be capable of withstanding a 600 volt insulation breakdown
test and be Underwriters Labs. Inc. listed for these requirements. Cable used shall be protected with ,,
sheath and an outer jacket of 25 mils minimum insulation colored fire department red and labeled for
its entire length --"FIRE ALARM SERVICE."

For questions about or to purchase Wire for Class E Fire Alarm System specified in New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania

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For questions about or to purchase Wire for Class E Fire Alarm System specified in New Jersey

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Fire Alarm Cable from Ace Wire includes
•    Riser Unshielded
•    Riser Shielded
•    Plenum Unshielded
•    Plenum Shielded
•    Stranded
•    New York City Local Law 39 (formerly known as Local Law 5)
•    150’c Unshielded
•    150’c Shielded
•    200’c Unshielded
•    200’c Shielded
•    Armored
•    MC-FPLP
•    Shielded
•    Unshielded
•    MC-FPLR
•    Shielded
•    Unshielded

Fire Alarm Wire and Cable - abbreviated FPLR and FPLP designating for riser and plenum. 

Fire alarm cable is used for audio, PA and intercom in sound and security systems including. AWG sizes include 22 through 18 in as many conductors as 12 in riser and plenum wires.

The riser fire alarm cable is available in shielded and unshielded construction to suit building need. Plenum fire alarm cable is available in the shielded and unshielded versions for versatility of application.

Ace Wire & Cable supplies contractor grade fire alarm cables available in shielded, unshielded, riser and plenum, supplied with solid copper conductors. 

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